What to Expect

  • A walk around the human poop soiled areas.
  • A full recovery of human poop.
  • A full scrub and rinse to clean and reclean.
  • A disinfection of once soiled areas.
  • A removal of human poop and poop contaminated materials from the property.
  • A work guarantee.
  • A price guarantee.

Human poop cleanup, feces cleanup, call it what you like, calls for professional cleaning at times. What matters most, whatever we call poop, is that we wash our hands frequently, especially when shopping or dining out. In these days of drought we still need to care for our personal hygiene.

Feces cleanup cost much more than your basic maid service cleaning. They don't do what I do and I don't do what they do. We reached an informal agreement on this arrangement long ago.

I'm known as a biohazard cleanup practitioner. The State of California calls me a "Trauma Scene Practitioner" and I'm "#134" on their list. The County of Orange has my business names as crime scene cleanup and biosafe. All of these names apply to poop cleanup as well as feces cleanup. Feces means the same thing as poop, kaka, and more.

Infectious waste, like poop, feces, requires patience and special handling during its cleanup. That's the best information I can offer anyone when doing poop cleanup needs arise. Think of all the young mothers in the world engaged in hard core poop cleanup. They too know this piece of important poop cleanup information: patience and care gets poop cleanup most quickly, most cleanly.

What I Do

I make every effort to arrive on time. I tried to offer reasonable rates, but I hope you understand that poop exist as an infectious waste. It makes people very sick when in the wrong places at the wrong time. I do my best to perform poop cleanup safely for myself and residents.

I dispose of poop down the sanitary sewer, the toilet. When possible. Otherwise, I take the poop with me. Usually I add dirt in the poop continues to the sanitary landfill in Brea. I sanitize is a work. Of course I wear gloves and I often wear boots. I will tell a story about the height of my boots later.

I remove carpet as requested or as seemingly appropriate. Carpet removal does jack up the price, but sometimes it is very necessary.

My prices

Most often I have an "out the door fee." I charge $350 for "out the door," but this fee does change for different situations. If a toilet is full or nearly full of poop, you can bet that I am going to charge USD350 just to arrive.

Most often I would charge anywhere from USD350 to 500 to remove poop from a toilet that is been filled with human feces. Sometimes, the homeless in one or a few piles. In such cases I can remove the poop for much less than USD350. But you can expect a minimum of $150 in such instances for poop cleanup. I have bills to pay and gasoline, insurance, wear-and-tear on my vehicles, as well as marketing all cost me money.

Once I leave my home, my office, my expenses increased dramatically. Therefore, I request cash.

I try to stay in business as best I can and for as long as I can. So what I do is I try to keep my costs low., I spend over $14,000 a year on marketing. You would not think so by the looks of this web site. The truth is though, I am a biohazard cleanup practitioner and cleaning up after a homicide, suicide, unattended deaths, and decomposition rank is my number one business projects.

However, because Orange County corners employees have created a monopoly over my business, I must market heavily to find any business. Hence, this web site.

Infectious Waste

Infectious waste like poop need not be known as biohazard waste. Before the Center for Disease Control considers poop as a biohazard, poop must have human blood in it. Once blood becomes part of poop and it's outside of the human body (inside too reportedly), then it's a biohazard for bloodborne pathogen purposes. Poop cleanup becomes biohazard cleanup.

Bloodborne pathogens in poop cleanup remain the same in Anaheim as they do anywhere else. Then exist in human blood and most often within environment friendly to their existence. When in the sun light they do not do well. Ultraviolet light kills off bloodborne pathogens. It also kills off bacteria on the surface of poop.

Given time in the sun, the sun's rays heat and dry out poop. Poop cannot stay infectious or biohazardous without moisture for long. Unfortunately, most of us cannot allow poop to remain long enough to dry out. So I have this Anaheim poop cleanup business to cash-in on the need for poop cleanup.

I make this information available on my feces cleanup web site as well. Some of my poop cleanup web sites have pictures. Poop inside of toilets does not present a nice picture, but such pictures do get the message across. It's important to visitors to know that toilets become clogged. Some people, we should know, become afraid to ask for help when their toilet clogs; I've found this situation applies to older women more than any other demographic group.

Did you know that we are most healthy poppers when our poop consists of about 75 percent water? The remainder consists of feces and feces consists of bacteria. Some of these bacteria become deadly when in water later consumed by humans.

Off this subject momentarily, did you know that poop contaminated vega tables, like lettuce and other leafy vega tables resist thoroughly cleaning? It's true; researchers known as scientists made this discovery when researching imported vegetables from Mexico.

More positive, our poop has a great amount of fiber within. Bacteria, other cells, and mucus help fill it out. During digestion the breakdown of nutrients takes out the valuable matter form our digestive tracks while depositing the waste material in our digestive track.

It's important to eat properly for creating and keeping a healthy digestive system. Insoluble fibers like that found in corn helps. Carrots clearly give us plenty of fiber, although some of us have problems digesting carrots. A gel-like substance forms during digestion from beans and nuts.


Poop cleanup seems innocent enough; in fact, it's something that many people over centuries included as their daily chores; for others it was better to have servants and slaves take care of their poop cleanup issues.

Community toilets were without plumbing or running water. Although, the Greeks are known to have designed buildings around running springs for the sake of spas and poop cleanup 24/7 by sewage removal. In arid regions like Anaheim, slaves and servants removed poop from their masters' quarters.

Except for mothers, poop cleanup chores usually fell to the more lowly classes, castes, and individuals. Hence, trauma scene practitioners now become poop cleanup practitioners as well.

A writer by the name of William Ian Miller wrote a book called The Anatomy of Disgust. He notes that a researcher by the name of Dr. Val Curtis found the following. A greeny-brown substance that looked a lot like a body fluid created the emotion known as "disgust." Dr. Curtis posited the idea that this is a deep rooted biological reaction to dangerous materials in our environment. As such it helps us survive.

We have come to expect such explanations from biological theories when it comes to survival of our species and inheriting art parents' survival characteristics. Ultimately, disgust surrounds poop cleanup by strangers; hence, my fees.

Of course another theory for the emergence of disgust must have cultural origins. There's plenty of evidence that historical documentation showing that disgust relates to people performing poop cleanup for others. Only mothers get off the hook when it comes to poop cleanup stigmas.

Poop's Odors

Poops odors often create consternation and ill feeling when using public bathrooms. I know for a fact when on the road that entering a truck stop with poorly ventilated restrooms causes me to my past such rest stops in the future.

We learn that well ventilated restrooms and home depots and Walmart's use open-door access. Although slow to join the ventilating parade for public restrooms, Home Depot has shown that it too can remove doors from some restrooms without exposing shoppers to embarrassing situations.

Just think about it. If we did not experience some sort of disgusting reaction to diarrhea in our environment, we would be more susceptible to diseases. Probably the majority of human beings have some sort of inmate response to those critters in our environment that will lead us. Well we also have such responses to those conditions that can eat is from within side.

Parasites in our internal environment are bad for us because they make us sick. We have seen other people get sick from these parasites and we know that we do not want to have such illnesses. As a result we know that human poop, feces, carries a stigma when posited in the wrong place at the wrong time.

People that do not carry a sense of disgust for human poop do not attract most of us as were the mates. No one wants to take a guy or doubt to the senior prom who has no sense of disgust poop. This disgust is visceral. Volunteers testing their reaction to poop and poop cleanup show that skatole causes most people to avoid it quickly.

Studies ensure on that dirty, unlabeled diapers from unknown babies ranch more expensive than the poop from mothers known babies hence, mothers overcome the disgust for poop early on and this has enabled our species to continue.

Household Cats and Poop Cleanup

Of course, we know that in the feline species, household cats are quick to cover their own poop. I know from my own experiences that my tiny dogs poop left in the bedroom were supposed to go, on a plastic tarp, becomes the object of disgust for my household cats. Maggie, are most sensitive feline, tries to cover the poop herself. So even though it is not her own poop she still offended by it and thinks it has become very quickly. This is instinct at work.

If you are taking college classes in anthropology you probably say that anthropologist "believe that disgust is learned behavior." And so it is in many cases as evidence shows, at least for human beings. Small children will not show a disgust for dirt or feces and tell taught to do so.

Stuff becomes "dirty and filthy" because it is out of place. That is why and offending pile of poop in a public toilet offends us, but in no way offends this as a similar pile of poop found in another public location outside of a toilet. In both cases the poop is out of place, but at least in the toilet we know that once it is gone it will be here in the right place, the sewer system. So it is with poop cleanup. Poop cleanup leads to putting poop in the right place, which out of sight and out of mind.

Basically, soil in our garden we accept, soil on our plate we do not accept. So our sense of disgust helps us to order society a round healthy lifestyles. We order our society by creating hierarchies of what is safe and unsafe. This is our way of distancing ourselves from our embarrassing animal origins.

Even poop cleanup and outhouses raises chuckles and has become the source of many universal jokes around the world. These jokes help to remind us that it is dual nature of human beings to behave as animals by pooping and to ensure that we poop in the desired place gives us our civilized human nature.

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Poop cleanup services offered for residents and business of Anaheim 24/7. Human and animal poop receive the same sanitizing removal and disposal service. Anaheim poop must go and that's where I come in. Recovering your home or business from infectious waste remains my primary business after 14 years in this important cleaning business. Eddie Evans Anaheim poop cleanup.

Don't worry. We can cleanup that offending matter and reduce if not remove the odor too. Call me, Eddie Evans now. I can help with that Anaheim poop cleanup or other infectious waste cleanup.
By the way, I live in Orange County, one mile from Los Angeles County. I do cleanup of all sorts in both counties.

Here's a recent note on specialized poop cleanup: crime scene cleanup has yet to tell us if Ebola contaminated poop poses a poop cleanup. This could be important information for Anaheim Ebola cleanup companies.


Aliso Viejo offer an affluent city's range of home, garden, and consumer goods. it grew from its sagebrush origin is in the San Joaquin Hills of Southern Orange County, California. Its 47,823 residents enjoy sunny days for backyard citrus trees. As the 34th city incorporated in the county,  Laguna Beach stands to its west and southwest. Here we find a seaside resort town. Unlike its neighbors, Laguna  Laguna Hills to its east ,and  Laguna Niguel to its southeast, Laguna Beach offered 20th century visitors a picturesque, small beach town environment for shopping, dining, and beach going.

 Laguna Woods grew in the north from growth demands on Orange County's land holders and real estate investors. Like other county areas, it derived from European land demarcations in grid squares following the Mexican-American war.

Brea grew too as the Alpha Olinda landfill at 1942 Valencia Avenue became a meeting point for refuse collection. Like other cities, It served as a petroleum site for many of its early years. All seemed to prosper as the county quickly succumbed to urbanization and monumental traffic jams.

Anaheim and Buena Parka grew from similar circumstances, although Anaheim has some intriguing stories its past. Now the hub of entertainment in Orange County, Anaheim stands out for visitors to the Costa Mesa county fair each year.

I live in Cypress and have done so for over 35 years. Poop cleanup as a business caught my attention in other counties than Orange County while doing my crime scene cleanup chores. Also, I saw the many advertisements on the Internet for poop cleanup, but mostly for canine poop cleanup.

Feces cleanup in the early days of these cities remained a private, family affair. Dana Point remains a beautiful cove city with roots dating back to the explorer Dana himself. Cove as a young man and to this day remember it with the greatest affection. Fountain Valley retains a gun range in spite of its suburban landscape. To its north we find fair Fullerton with at least 135,161 souls as of the 2010 census.

With a founding date of 1887, this city became the focal point for the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway. Imagine the importance of this regional railroad to the farmers in Orange County. They grew millions of oranges, especially those wonderful Valencia orange so well known to Orange County shoppers today.

Poop transports were few in those days since draft animals frequently provided manure.

In Garden Grove poop cleanup work seemed to offer a steady income for a short while.

Huntington Beach has a high suicide rate for young, white males as suicide cleanup statistics reveal. Unlike Irvine with its very high income average, Huntington Beach has some aerospace work available to far too few corporate employees.

La Habra continues to attract exercise enthusiasts with its hills along Imperial Boulevard. Meanwhile, our smallest city, La Palma, continues to host its tiny police Department, the smallest in Orange County. Laguna Beach. Laguna Hills Laguna Niguel. Laguna Wood Long Beach Lake Forest Los Alamitos Mission Viejo Newport Beach Orange Placentia Rancho Santa Margarita. San Clemente San Juan Capistrano Santa Ana Seal Beach Stanton Tustin Villa Park Westminster Yorba Linda

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